Our Mission: 

AFTeR members support charitable causes by encouraging textile donations from Nova Scotian residents, thereby diverting textiles from landfill for the improvement of people, communities and the environment.

Our history:

AFTeR began in 2014 as a group of six organizations that collect used clothing to fund social causes such as helping children at risk, combatting disease, and supporting marginalized citizens and those facing crisis. AFTeR members are experts in the collection and repurposing of used textiles and footwear.  This is accomplished with the added benefit of keeping the textile materials out of our landfills.


The Treasurer:

The Treasurer of AFTeR shall manage the financial affairs and banking arrangements of the association and keep the books of the association in proper order. There shall be two signing officers of the association as directed by the Board of Directors. The Treasurer shall give a written financial update at all regional and annual meetings of the association.  This is a volunteer position. We welcome those who have a background in finance, a passion for the environment, sustainability, and an interest in serving the community, to contact us with an expression of interest.  Please send all inquiries to


For more information on our organization, go to