The Nova Scotia Association for Community Living is currently seeking a volunteer Treasurer to provide oversight to the financial affairs of the Association.

If you are interested or would like more information, please contact:


About the Nova Scotia Association for Community Living

The Nova Scotia Association for Community Living is a province-wide, not-for-profit association that has been serving the community of persons with intellectual disabilities and their families in Nova Scotia since 1958.


We believe all people, including persons with intellectual disabilities, belong and are fully included in community life.


What We Do:

·         Support families to become leaders for inclusion and equality;

·         Build awareness of the capacity and value of people with intellectual disabilities as full and contributing citizens;

·         Advance policies and practices that enable and promote the full inclusion of persons with intellectual disabilities in all facets of community life;

·         Challenge myths and preconceptions about the value and contributions of people with disabilities;

·         Create resources about how to make inclusion work—at home, at school, in the workplace and in the community; and

·         Help communities to increase their capacity to include everyone.


2019 Budget:                          Approximately $275,000

Principal sources of funds:   Federal and Provincial Government, and Private Donations

Fiscal Year:                              April 1 –March 31


Activities of the Treasurer include:

·         Member of the Board of Directors and Executive Committee;

·         Chair the Finance Committee;

·         Ensure that NSACL has the proper financial policies, procedures and internal controls for the financial health of the organization;

·         Oversee the development and ongoing monitoring of the annual budget;

·         Review internal financial controls on behalf of the Board;

·         Review and recommend to the Board for its approval the organization’s cash management and cash investment policies;

·         Oversee the implementation of any recommendations made by the auditor; and

·         Provide oversight of the Executive Directors’ expenses; and


Treasurer Time Commitments per Month:

Executive Committee Meetings:                                8 meetings per year x 1.5 hours

Board Meetings:                                                           4 meetings per year x 2 hours

Finance Committee Meetings (as needed):             1 hour per meeting

Oversee financial records prepared by Office staff:             1 hour/month

Monthly average approximately 3 to 5 hours.