Thank you for your interest in board membership with Alice Housing. Included here is information about Alice Housing, our Board of Director job description and an application.

 Mission Statement

 Alice Housing provides safe second stage housing and supportive counselling for women and children leaving domestic violence.

 Alice Housing Believes that:

  • Every person has the right to live without fear of physical, psychological, emotional or sexual abuse.
  • Women and men should have equal opportunities to develop their potential to live full and rich lives.
  • All persons have the right to decide for themselves the direction their lives will take, according to their personal values and needs.
  • Children have the right to grow up without terror and without fear from the very people who are supposed to protect them from harm.


Since 1983, Alice Housing has helped over 1000 families move past the devastation of family violence and supported them in their quest for family stability and safety.

We are an award winning organization and part of a collective group of women’s organization committed to supporting women and ending violence against women.

Alice Housing Objectives

  • To provide safe, non-judgmental housing for women, with or without children, leaving abusive situations that have identified their own need for on-going support and counseling.
  • To increase women's well-being and self-sufficiency.
  • To provide women and children the support and counseling needed to recover from the effects of abuse and trauma.
  • To decrease the chance that women and children will return to abusive households.
  • To provide the opportunity for women to develop increased positive coping skills, enabling them to deal with a variety of personal issues and become aware of the cycle of abuse.
  • To provide women with safe, affordable housing so that they do not have to make the difficult decision between remaining in abusive relationships or becoming homeless.
  • To provide children with the opportunity to heal from trauma in a safe environment.
  • To promote and educate community on intimate partner violence with the ultimate goal of reducing incidents of violence against women.
  • Two work in partnership with other women centered organizations and groups committed to ending violence against women.


For additional information about Alice Housing and our programs please go to our website

Board Member Job Description:

Board Activities

Board activities comprise the largest portion of a board member’s responsibilities.  While we recognize that meeting all of these requirements all of the time is not always possible, we hope you will strive to achieve the following:

  1. Attend no less than 75% of regular Board meetings, which occur on the fourth Wednesday of each month at 6:30 pm in Dartmouth, as well as important related meetings.
  2. Chair and/or serve on a standing committee or special project.
  3. Volunteer for and willingly accept assignments and complete them thoroughly and on time.
  4. Stay informed about committee matters; prepare for meetings, review and comments on minutes and reports.
  5. Get to know other committee members and build a collegial working relationship that contributes to consensus.
  6. Recommend a potential candidate for Board membership to the Board Nominations Committee.
  7. Be an active participant in the committee's annual evaluation and planning efforts.
  8. Actively assist with the special events of the organization.
  9. Be aware of the fiduciary responsibilities of being a board member


Fundraising Activities

Because fundraising is a significant element of organization’s requirement in general we would like board members to contribute in as many of the following ways as possible:

  • When possible, make a personal and, if applicable, a business contribution to the organization’s annual operating needs
  • Make person-to-person visits to individuals, foundations, businesses, or civic groups to request financial support for the organization.
  • Secure volunteers, in-kind services or material goods for the organization.
  • Participate in fund raising events for the organization by assisting with planning, promotion, ticket sales and by attending 
  • Consider your capacity and willingness to make a planned gift or bequest to the organization.

Promotional Activities

Alice Housing engages in a number of promotional activities and garners a limited amount of publicity, but increasing the organization’s profile in the community can be done by board members in the following ways:

  • Arrange for and/or make an organization presentation to a civic club, church group, business associate, or group of friends.
  • Invite and accompany a friend or associate to visit the facility.

If you are interested in becoming a board member for Alice Housing, please fill out the attached application form and email to