Are you looking to volunteer your skills with a nonprofit organization, one that's out of this world? Hal-Con Sci-Fi Fantasy Association is seeking a Director of Finance! We are searching for someone with knowledge in Accounting and QuickBooks Online (preferred), strong communication skills, excellent interpersonal skills, and obviously financial acumen. You must be familiar with preparation of HST, payroll, and NPO tax returns, and be able to understand and explain complex accounting to the Board and committee. We are looking for someone with a professional accounting designation although CPA students nearing completion of the program will be considered.

Responsibilities Include: 

Year-round responsibilities

  • Attendance of monthly evening board meetings
  • Attendance of executive meetings and/or committee meetings, as required
  • Prepare the draft budget with input from the team leads and board
  • Work with members of the board to monitor the budget as revenues and expenses become concrete
  • Oversee ticket pricing and allocations of giveaways as part of the budgeting process
  • Review all funding applications before submission to ensure they align with the budget and consult with program officers to ensure compliance with funding rules
  • Contribute to both short-term and long-term strategic planning
  • Oversee accounting records for all transactions as posted by other departments or external bookkeeper
  • Track employee(s) vacation time.
  • Approve all expenses claim (Chair approves expense claims submitted by the Director of Finance)
  • Responsible for monthly financial reporting for the Board
  • Responsible for quarterly budget vs. actual financial reporting for the Board
  • Monitor cash flow, including investing where appropropriate
  • Assist guest team with wording of contracts for tax compliance
  • Assist sponsor and vendor team and other teams as required with invoicing, payments, collections, and reporting.
  • Administer access to QuickBooks and the budget as needed by team leads
  • Make decisions regarding capitalization of assets
  • Maintain records as required by CRA
  • Act as a signing officer on all accounts
  • Control near cash items such as gift cards, macpasses, and credit facilities 
  • Participates in determination of compensation agreements and in hiring paid staff. 


Before the convention:

  • Oversee procurement and delivery of supplies, including rental items for the event
  • Co-ordinate cash per diems with guest team for guests and PAs
  • Schedule staff/volunteers for finance office during the convention, including cashiers for the auction
  • Prepare payout information, contracts to have onsite, and other related information 

During the convention: 

  • Responsible for calculations of guarantees, and autographs/photographs
  • Co-ordinate payment of artist stipends and other payments
  • Maintain control over cash for the event, including ensuring adequate cash is on hand for payment to guests and performers.
  • Supervise the finance team and all finance related activities. 

After the convention:

  • Ensure cash is deposited into the bank in a timely fashion
  • Return rental items 
  • Prepare and file HST return (or ensure done by bookkeeper)
  • Prepare and file T4s for employees (or ensure done by bookkeeper)
  • Prepare and file T4As and T4A-NRs for performers (or ensure done by bookkeeper)
  • Preparation of annual report financials
  • Preparation of annual tax return 


Does this sound like you? Please send your resume and cover letter outlining how your qualifications match the role description

We thank all applicants for their interest, however only those candidates selected for interviews will be contacted.