Halifax Sexual Health Centre - Treasurer, Board of Directors (Volunteer)

The volunteer Board of Directors for the Halifax Sexual Health Centre (HSHC) is currently recruiting for the role of TREASURER. Ideally, this individual understands financial accounting for nonprofit organizations (CPA preferred) and is committed to and interested in:

  Maintaining a leadership role on the Board’s finance committee
 Providing occasional support for HSHC’s bookkeeping and office administration staff
 Helping prepare and present monthly financial reports to the Board and presenting the audited financial statements at the AGM
 Assisting HSHC staff/board with identification and implementation of best-practices for financial record keeping and reporting
 Participating in the preparation of the annual budget

 HSHC Background
Who we are: The Halifax Sexual Health Centre (HSHC) is a non-profit organization committed to promoting sexual and reproductive health within an environment that respects and supports individual choice. We provide confidential, complete, freely-accessible, and non-judgmental information and services related to sexual and reproductive health. Please visit HSHC.ca for more information on HSHC and the types of services and program we provide.

Our vision: All members of our community have full, equal, non-judgmental and safe access to sexual and reproductive health care and education. Our mission: Improve and optimize the sexual health of all members of our community, by providing high quality and caring services, and empowering clients to make healthy choices.

Role of the Board of Directors: The HSHC is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors which is responsible for determining HSHC’s purpose and mission as well as: reviewing and approving HSHC’s strategic planning, ethical values and structure; selecting and maintaining an effective Board; appointing and overseeing our Executive Director, overseeing HSHC’s operations, and overseeing HSHC’s communications with its members and external stakeholders.

Directors’ Qualities and Attributes: HSHC aims to provide accessible and client-centered services and we pride ourselves on building an organization that celebrates freedom of choice, diversity, and open mindedness. Prospective members should fully support the vision and mission of the HSHC and will also be willing to:
Act with integrity and courage
 Strengthen decision making with informed judgment, perspective and analytical thinking
 Communicate and present their opinions effectively and constructively Listen attentively and respectfully, ask questions and be willing to learn
 Be dependable, flexible and strategically agile

Director Participation: In-Person attendance at meetings: The HSHC Board of Directors meets once per month for approximately 1.5 hours at the HSHC on Quinpool Road.

Meeting preparation: All Board members are expected to arrive at meetings ready to contribute to strategic planning decisions and inform the stewardship of the organization’s assets. (Estimated preparation time: 1 hour).

Travel: All Board and committee meetings will be held in the Halifax area (although there may be optional opportunities to attend professional development opportunities or events in other regions).

Committee service: All HSHC Directors will be expected to participate on at least one working committee. Depending on the activity, all Directors should expect to contribute a minimum of 2-4 hours per month to support committee work.

Participation in orientation, educational and planning sessions: Minimal time requirement (perhaps once or twice per year).

Working with HSHC staff and volunteers: Our strategic planning initiatives outline many opportunities for our HSHC Directors to engage with our Executive Director and other HSHC stakeholders throughout the year.

Availability for unscheduled meetings: As required.

Attendance at events: We encourage our Directors to attend our key fundraising and engagement events.

Fundraising expectations: In addition to committing a minimum annual contribution to HSHC of $25.00 to support the HSHC Society Membership, all Directors will be expected to participate in fundraising activities and initiatives. This can involve financial contribution, event promotion and stewardship, ticket sales, assisting with sourcing sponsors and donors, or helping with event/initiative coordination.

How to Apply: To apply for this position, please send your resume and a brief cover letter describing why you would like to join our HSHC team to: board@hshc.ca with the subject line: Nominating Committee.