Recreation Nova Scotia 

Policy Title:
Vice President Finance

Term: Two Years


  1. The Vice President Finance ensures the financial health of the organization is governed by the approved policies
  2. The VP Finance shall advise on budget and issues of financial management upon the Executive Director's request.
  3. The VP Finance shall advise the Board of Directors on financial policies, and monitoring methods.
  4. The VP Finance tenders the audit process for the Association.
  5. The VP Finance shall present the auditor's report on behalf of the Board to membership at the Annual
  6. General Meeting.
  7. The VP Finance shall serve on the committee responsible for the performance appraisal of the Executive Director.
  8. The VP Finance acts as a signing officer of the Association.
  9. The VP Finance monitors Board spending and approves Board expense claims.
  10. The VP Finance presents a report at each Board meeting.
  11. The VP Finance monitors the financial management of the Association to ensure adherence to Board policy.
  12. The VP Finance meets with the Association’s Auditor at least once per year to discuss status and suggested improvements.
  13. The VP Finance ensures the core funding submission to the Department of Communities, Culture, and Heritage (CSR Division) is prepared and submitted according to an approved process and time line.
  14. At the request of the Executive Director, The VP Finance provides advice and input into other funding
  15. applications.
  16. The VP Finance meets with the Executive Director and Investment Advisor at least once per year to discuss the investment portfolio, types of investments, and use of invested funds.
  17. The VP Finance in conjunction with the Executive Director and the Investment Advisor will have the authority to liquidate and purchase financial instruments within the Investment Portfolio.
  18. The VP Finance conducts a direct inspection pursuant to Executive Limitations 5.0 semi-annually and Executive Limitations 6.2 annually.
  19. The VP Finance supports and participates in the fund raising campaigns of the organization.
  20. The VP Finance participates in advocacy issues and promote the benefits and values of recreation and leisure.
  21. The VP Finance serves on the Monitoring Committee.
  22. The VP Finance will support the organization to be sustainable.