Members of Another CPA Provincial Body

Members in good standing with another provincial CPA body may apply to CPA Nova Scotia for membership. Members are awarded the Chartered Professional Accountant together with any legacy designation, if applicable and are entitled to use those designations in the manner prescribed on our website - Use of the CPA Designation and Legacy Designations. 

Individuals that are holding themselves out as a CPA in Nova Scotia are required to register with CPA Nova Scotia. 

Eligibility for Admission to Membership
To be eligible to apply for membership by provincial transfer, an individual must: 

  • Hold membership in good standing with another provincial body and have been granted or permitted to use the designations Chartered Professional Accountant, Certified Management Accountant, Certified General Accountant and/or Chartered Accountant by that provincial body. 

How to Apply for Admission to Membership
Please submit the following: 

  1. Membership Application Extra-Provincial Form 
  2. Declaration for Admission to Membership (included with Membership Application) 
  3. Provincial Body Confirmation- confirmation of membership must be provided directly by the provincial body in the prescribed form and emailed to [email protected]. Applicants are solely responsible for contacting the provincial body and requesting that confirmation be provided directly to CPA Nova Scotia. 

Public Accounting Licensing Eligibility

Admission to membership in CPA Nova Scotia does not automatically qualify a member to be licensed as a public accountant. Members of CPA Nova Scotia who seek to issue or sign assurance engagements, as defined by the CPA Canada Handbook, are required to be certified by CPA Nova Scotia and meet the Public Accounting Licensing Requirements. 

It takes an average of six weeks from the time a completed application is received by CPA Nova Scotia for an applicant to be admitted to membership. 

Access to Records Request Policy
CPA Nova Scotia will provide an individual applying for membership ("an applicant") with access to records held by CPA Nova Scotia that are related to the individual's application.  Click here to see the policy.

Accommodation Policy